What about Heaven and Hell?

What about Heaven and Hell

How is the comic above? Hey, Its just a joke! What are your views on heaven and hell?

Well, I don’t believe that all those who are not Christians will go to hell and I don’t also  believe that all Christians go to heaven. A person is guided by his conscience, on what is right or wrong. Since we are Christians, we have a greater knowledge about God’s plans for us and how he wants us to live. (Thanks to Sunday classes). So even if we commit a small sin from our part, it will be dealt with more seriousness.

Consider others, who are not Christians. Take Hindus, for eg. They are not taught all the morals as we were taught (they don’t have Sunday classes). So the same sin committed by one Hindu will be seen with less severeness. But even as Hindus, they also have their holy book, The BHAGAVAD-GITA and laws to obey. So breaking those laws while already knowing that they are sins, will be very harmful for their souls too.

In short, knowing more about sins, makes one’s struggle to get into heaven more difficult. But we can’t sit here doing all these sins, saying “From now on, I won’t read any law or Holy Book so that Something I do won’t become a sin, in my knowledge”.

Your conscience knows, man, it really pricks you when you sin or when you are about to. Hear its voice!

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