Be Faithful In Small Things – Fidelity

The reward of being faithful

Be faithful in small things, God will entrust you great things. Whoever can be trusted in little things, can also be trusted in great ones – Luke 16:10.

It seems that fidelity is the essence of this saying. It is a call to fidelity – an adventure in living faith which begins every morning. Every day we attend to many little things from the dawn to the dusk. Examples include personal hygiene, dressing appropriately, personal order, discipline, daily prayer, small acts of kindness, short conversation with dear ones, punctuality, diligence in work etc.

When we go for Mass or Adoration we bless ourselves with holy water and even make a genuflection. These when done in faith and not out of routine, provide an excellent opportunity to be faithful in something small, but profound in faith and in purpose.

Throughout her life Mother Teresa showed the world how to be faithful in small things. She once said, “little things are indeed little but to be faithful in little things is a great thing; It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the thing. It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving.” That is why she said, “I am not called to be successful, I am called to be faithful.”

To be faithful in small or big things of life is not easy. Life is filled with many challenges awaiting reward or obstacles. Nevertheless we must always persevere in the adventure of fidelity. Fidelity requires tenacity and courage. Every morning we wake up to face another day filled with many blessings, but many challenges as well. To wake up every morning with a positive attitude and a smile is not an easy enterprise.

Every morning we have a choice – we can begin a new day with a fighting spirit or we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the obstacles that challenge us. Only heroic ones have the capacity to be faithful.

An example of a fidelity to one’s duty and a fidelity to another one’s word is here. One rainy night an elderly couple entered the lobby of a small hotel and asked for a room. The hotel clerk said, “They are all filled as are all the hotels in the town. But I can’t stand an old couple like you out in the rain. Would you be willing to sleep in my room?” The couple hesitated but the clerk insisted. The next morning when the man paid his bill he said, “You are the kind of man who should be managing the best hotel in the U. S. Someday I will build you one.” The clerk smiled politely. A few years later the clerk received a letter from the elderly man recalling the rainy night and asking him to come to New York. A round trip ticket was also enclosed. When the clerk arrived, his host took him to the corner of the Fifth Avenue and 34th street where stood a magnificent new building. “That is the hotel I have built for you to manage. “The old man told. The old man was William Waldorf Astor and the hotel was the original Waldorf Astoria. The young clerk became its first manager.

The Biblical instruction reminds us that we need to be faithful in the small things of our everyday existence. We have only to be faithful to every word and deed of ours. God will lavishly reward our fidelity to Him.

– – – written by K.C.Thomas

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  1. Praise God. That is a desire My Lord Jesus has put in my heart. To be Faithfull in little things… I receive it from The Lord Jesus. Praise God. I Love Jesus Christ.

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