Are We Living As Enemies Of The Cross?

Are we living as enemies of the Cross

Those who live a double standard life are bringing blame to the cross of Christ.

For many live as enemies of the cross of Christ – Philippians 3:18. We need to examine ourselves that are we living as enemies of cross of Christ in our day-to-day living? Bible has cited four reasons in Phil 3:19.

First reason is that those who live as enemies of Cross, for them destiny is destruction. Second they think their God is their stomach. Third is that they give glory to their shame and lastly their mind is on earthly things.

Destiny is destruction

We see the life of Judas. He knew Jesus very closely that too in person. He ate and drank with Him. He listened to the preachings of Jesus. Even then he betrayed Jesus by a kiss. His destiny we all know. The point is that we humans who receive Jesus in mass every Sunday; can we afford to cling to sin? Sin is pleasurable. We need to examine our conscience and make a confession. We can pray that the blood of Jesus may cleanse our body , mind and soul. We can also ask Jesus to interfere in our life so that HIS will may be done and HIS kingdom comes on this earth.

God is their stomach

Today the rich are getting richer. The thirst to be wealthy is like water flowing out of the mug. Our stomach is not full. People are not content with what they have. They want more and more. We need to trust Jesus in HIS providence. Everyday we say ‘Give us today our daily bread’. We need to be content with what God gives us. We also need to make sure that we are giving one-tenth of the income to our Lord’s house. It is a challenge to fill our mind with the Word of God. Because mind controls the stomach.

Glory is their shame

Am I a hypocrite? We need to ask this question to ourselves. Are we living two lives. One is that we regularly attend Sunday mass and outside Church we live a sinful life. Whom are we pleasing? Whom are we fooling? It is time to pull our strings and say no to sin. Living a double standard life is abateful. We Christians are more answerable to Lord on our judgement day. Do not glorify yourself after committing a sin instead we need to repent so that angels can glorify over a repentant sinner.

Mind on earthly things

Many of us have cravings on earthly things. What are earthly things? Is it food, clothes, house, job? Why are we worried about earthly things? We are called to live Christ like life. The challenge is how to set our mind on heavenly things rather than on earthly things. The answer to this challenge is by constantly praising and worshiping HIM. By giving praise and worship to the Lord, the Lord will set all things right without our knowledge. We should also understand that the wavelength of thinking of God and ours is different. The wavelength is equal to the difference between the land and the sky.

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Whatever happens in our life, is for good. We need to patiently wait upon the Lord for HIS glory to fall on us. St. Paul tells us to love and embrace the cross. Living as enemies of the cross is self-indulging. Take a look at these Calvary Cross Pictures of Jesus Christ.

– – – written by Merly Simon

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