How To Become Spiritually Strong

If we could reflect a bit, we could be a little better in our spiritual life.

Spiritual life is always at risk unless we take much care of it. It is almost same as physical health as far as the care and concern is needed for its sustenance. All of us find challenges and downfalls in our spiritual journey. But how often we recover and go forward?

Suppose we find one of our vehicles suddenly broke down on the way during the journey. Before calling a mechanic for help, we will surely check whether there is enough fuel. If we are sure that the fuel is over, then we would never call for help. Apply this to spiritual life too.

Prayer is the fuel of spiritual life. If we are sure that our spiritual life is broken down due to lack of prayer, then there is no use in getting advice from anyone regarding its recovery. If prayer life is sound and good then we may look for other options.

In physical life if we have gone through some serious illness, we need enough time for recovery. Just after being healed we would never take up hard works. It would make us sick again. After an illness what is required of us is the recovery of health. Sin makes us spiritually sick. But through the sacrament of confession, we would have been healed. Do not right away go to undertake heavy spiritual loads. First and foremost recover our health through prayer and being in the presence of the Lord.

Another challenge in our spiritual journey is the problem of bad habits. St. Augustine would say, ‘evil is the privation of goodness.’ Suppose there is a hole on the floor, we can never remove it by taking it away. If we try to do so, the hole will become even bigger. We should fill it with something else. We are trying for years and years, to take away our sinful dispositions and bad habits. It is as trying to take away a hole. Every sin and drawback is a privation; fill it with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Invite the Holy Spirit to help you and make you stronger in that area. We can’t take away darkness as such, without bringing light to the dark place to make it bright. The problem is that darkness is not an entity in itself, but a privation of light. We can become spiritually strong, by filling ourselves with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Many a time we think that God has punished us because we have sinned. We tend to think as this one of the reasons of our spiritual fall. God never punishes anyone who repents over the sins committed. He is mercy and love.

Suppose someone drinks acid; should anyone come to him and burn him? No. Why? Acid by nature is burning. By the very fact a person has drunk acid, he is allowing himself to be burned. As such sin carries with it the punishment too. No sin is good for human body or soul.

So one who sins is supposed to bear the evil consequences of sin. Therefore we must be very vigilant in our spiritual life, for keeping the holiness of our body and mind.

– – – written by Jinto Mathew