Who Is Our True Friend?

Jesus Christ Our True Friend

When we reflect on our past life and present, we have come across a lot of friends. Some are very close to us and some are just hi hello friends i.e. friends whom we just smile at or speak a word or two to. But who is our real friend?

A true friend is a person who guides us, holds our hand and pulls us to the right path when we go wrong, a person we can openly share our feelings with i.e. our joys, sorrows, achievements, failures etc. A person who corrects us when we go wrong, a person who is not afraid to speak frankly about what they feel about us and help us improve. That friend is also a person who encourages us and rejoices in our success and happiness.

Such sort of a true friend is hard to find in this world. I once had an experience of this sort when I was staying in a hostel, one of our room mate had a crush on a guy, but her best friend, who is also our room mate corrected her by saying, ‘think of your parents and siblings, your parents work so hard so that you can lead a good life and your younger siblings look up to you as their model, don’t fall for a guy you saw yesterday because he will never stand by you, you will get nothing by hurting your parents, but only their curse.’ After she said all this our friend started crying, she hugged her and thanked her for all that she said and forgot that guy.

Not all of us are lucky to have such a friend, but we are lucky because we have Jesus as our true friend, He always corrects us, but we seldom listen to Him. We always ignore him and lead our lives the way others say or according to what we see or hear through the media. Technology has really blinded us, it was invented to be used by man for his good, but this technology is destroying man because he does not use it for what it was invented but for evil.

A true friend is also a person who stands by us even when we hurt them; they are ready to do anything for us. Jesus is exactly the same, He so loved us that He gave his own life for us so as to save us from our sins and life in the eternal fire.

Accept Jesus as your true friend and you will never fail in your life.

Dear brothers and sisters, pray to Jesus to be our best friend and go to give us a good friend who will lead us to God and not to the sins of this world, a person who will correct and guide us when we make mistakes.

– – – written by Sherin Ann Thomas

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  1. I love the hymn “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. Fits in beautifully with the sentiments in this post.

    I am blessed with 3 great friends (Lorna who is my girlfriend, David who I met at Uni 17 years ago, and James who I met 18 months ago). I love them all to pieces and would do anything for them. The great thing is that I know they would help me as much as they possibly could if I needed it.

    What really blows my mind is that Jesus Christ makes these 3 wonderful friends look pale by comparison. He did more for me than any human could do – He died in my place. And He is there for me 24/7. You cannot top that.

    Amen to that :)

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