How To Wake Up Properly In The Morning

Wake Up Properly In The Morning

“Early to bed, early to rise” – that’s a good adage for a healthy living. However what you do after you wake up is equally important for a healthy day. Some folks get up hurriedly and run right into the day’s busyness. Some others get up lazily and sit thinking on their beds for a while.

Whatever be your style, there are certain disciplines that could help you bring vitality into your mornings.

A. Thank God. This is one sure energizer for the mornings. It can be in the form of a song or statement. Thank God for the good things He did for you. Check out this passage from the Scriptures: “…I will sing aloud of Your mercy and loving-kindness in the morning…” (Psalm 59:16 AMP).

B. Visualize good stuff. What you think when you get up is important. Those who dwell on negative thoughts tend to do negative actions all through the day. Choose to think positive stuff. Visualize scriptural promises coming to pass in your life.

C. Sit up straight. There is power in the way you sit up. If you sit up lazily, that’s how you are going to act later that day. If you sit up straight, that creates an inner self-image in your mind about a healthy and ready ‘you’.

D. Stand up with purpose. When you get on your feet, you need to have a purpose (goal) to fulfill on that day. For this, it will be good to plan your day the previous night before you retire. The moment your feet touches the floor, know that your ‘mission’ starts now.

E. Act disciplined. The above four disciplines will help you create momentum. But to maintain and increase that momentum, do everything disciplined on that day right from the start. Reject mediocrity and half-hearted efforts. Throw yourself wholly into what you do.

Though it may seem hard in the beginning, with passion and practice, these five disciplines can be inculcated into one’s everyday life. And the result will be amazing. Have a great day!

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