Video : The First Thanksgiving

Video : The First Thanksgiving

Watch the above video clip, a funny but wise video on thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving’s famous Odd Couple, a pilgrim and a turkey, remind us that we always have something to be thankful for even when we feel like our lives aren’t going anywhere. A pilgrim helps his friend, a giant turkey, learn how to see past his circumstances in order to live a life of gratitude in the face of difficulty.

This funny comedy video reminds us that we have so much of blessings in our life, unseen and unnoticed by us. Its our first duty to be thankful to God Almighty for each of those blessings He has bestowed upon us till date. This video is another great skit from The Skitguys collection of Christian videos.

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  1. I found an interesting article that contains some interesting and rather unknown facts about the origins of Thanksgiving as well as insightful reflections on what it means to be thankful in a religious context. A very nice thing to read today, I think:

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