Christmas Story : Little Star

Christmas Story : Little Star

Watch the above video clip to see Pat Boone reading Anthony DeStefano’s classic children’s Christmas book Little Star to a group of curious children. This video clip has the full story explained with timely snapshots from the book itself. Your kids will love this video a lot on this Christmas eve.

Little Star is a Christmas story for young children. This Christmas gift is beautifully illustrated by Mark Elliot. The storyline of Little Star is amazing. The focus of Little Star is the birth of Jesus. Without giving away the story, Little Star gives his best to recognize the birth of the little king who was born in the most humble circumstances.

Many children may not get the real idea why the great Lord chose to be born so humbly in the manger at Bethlehem. They may find it difficult to conceive, just like all the other stars in the book. But as we read the book, we come to know what made our God, our king to choose such a humble birth. To show the world that He came to this world for all humanity, for the rich and the poor alike, to show his immense love for all.

Children will get this great idea as they go through the emotions of the Little Star in the story. The story gets really interesting in the end as we read what did the little star do on the Christmas night when Jesus was born and what made the little star remembered in all the following Christmas nights after that.

Every Christmas we place a star above our Christmas tree to remember this little star and what He had done for baby Jesus and remind us about the great Christmas message – God’s immense love for mankind.

This book is a great read for young children. Highly recommended for kids this Christmas.

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