Video : Interview With Satan

Video : Interview With Satan (The Devil)

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A nice video showing an interview with Satan, the devil. Watch the clip above.

Interview With Satan : Video Feedback

I like the fact when he said ‘Jesus’ the guy playing the devil said, if you say that name again, I have to leave. Jesus is the rock and His name and words are the strength that we need. This video gives you a parody on what Satan really does. Kids would love this and it’s hard to explain it more simply to them.

I thought it portrayed Satan as being rather wile and deft, while making the Christians obtuse and easily manipulated by his tactics. I think you’re supposed to see it and realize that you won’t be able to stand on your own against him, but need to fall back upon the “J” – God.

Nothing gets Satan running like Christ’s name.

This is so true that Satan is a coward. When Jesus’ name comes up, Satan leaves because he knows Jesus will beat him. I am a proud Christian and you can say whatever you want about it. I will not care. Jesus died for you so that you can have life forever…and satan is killing you forever! You choose. I take JESUS and I am not ashamed! This is for you Satan… HIS NAME IS JESUS and I will say His name FOREVER!

I thought the interview was OK, but even the Bible states that Satan knows the scriptures and he tried to use that against Jesus in the desert. Maybe the next interview should be without the red suit and be a little more serious about the truth of Satan. Maybe you should just hit the streets and film some real life footage of Satan and his best work in the world and the Church today!!!

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  1. Hello,

    The video is simply terriffic, timely and well taken. please continue with this mission. Three cheers to the name of Jesus and a thumb down to satan and his tricks.

    Fr Prasobh

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