Video : A Man Fell In A Hole

Watch the above Video Clip. Its really a wonderful and rare one.

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The video starts by showing a man falling into a hole. He tries to escape from there, but in vain. Meantime many people come near the hole and advise him several things like he should meditate and reach Nirvana to escape, the hole is actually not there and its an illusion, pray hard to get out of the hole etc etc…

The man tries everything as told to him, but still he remains in the same hole.

Then, one day, another man with a graceful face came near the hole. He called out and asked the man in the hole whether he wanted to be free. The man nodded. This man then threw a rope into the pit and came down to the hole himself. Then he took hold of the man in the hole, who by the time was almost unconscious, and dragged him into the light.

The man in the hole was saved and he saw that his savior had a hole in his palm. He quickly stood up and what he saw was just  THE CROSS.

What lesson do we learn from the above video?

It’s not by our own strength that we can overcome the sinfulness of our hearts. Only through Christ our Lord can we find the power to overcome the sinful nature of our wicked hearts and minds. Without Christ it is impossible. This video sums up that we need Christ to help us or we never get out of darkness of sinfulness.

It is such a good picture of how sinners try everything the world has to offer but they cannot fulfill or redeem them. But God is rich in mercy and love. What a great thing for the ALMIGHTY GOD to humble himself and be born in sinful flesh to pay the price to redeem us.

Regarding why the last man was last : Maybe the last man was always there but could not be seen or comprehended by the man in the hole until he had reached a certain level of despair and hopelessness. Sometimes we refuse to see what is right in front of us, or we are so blinded by things we desire or the way that seems easy that we fail to recognize what we really need. And I don’t believe Jesus waits until we ask for help. The apostle Paul says Jesus saved us while we were still sinners, even before we were born, by dying on the cross. Jesus is always with us, knowing us and loving us before we were even born. He watches over us through family and friends. He comes to us in Baptism and seals us as his own. Some of us still fail to see him. Some of us have to fall into a big hole and use everything at our disposal before we are able to finally recognize the one who had his hand out for us all along.

We try everything in our own strength But we can’t do it on our own we need Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord for Salvation and for your indescribable love and mercy.

This is the greatest love of our Savior Jesus Christ. The other men were mislead. Jesus was the only One who could save him. The morale of this story is that Jesus is the only way out of despair.

More than a moving portrayal of man’s situation without God…it shows us what God is willing to do just so to save us! HALLELUAH!!!

Great message of how long we wonder before going to the Way, The Truth and Life — Jesus Christ.

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  1. The video with this lesson was shown during our church service this last Sunday. In my opinion, it is perhaps the most dramatic and accurate portrayal of how Jesus reaches man for salvation. He does not stand a far and ‘give’ directions nor does He hide behind any self administered religious doctrine. He goes to the level of man and “brings him into the light” personally. That is the GLORY of God and His SON! Our salvation is ‘personal’ to Him and he never hesitates to reach out and help us when we are in need. PRASIE GOD!

  2. Wow.. I wonder whether I should share this or not since I got so much friends are muslim, hindusm, and bhudism..

  3. I am a christian that was just going through the motions. I had christian girlfriend that I was dating and I thought she was walking in the grace of the lord and I was depending on her for spiritually support but I was depending her to pull me out this spiritual rut that I was in ..I was disapponted that I was still unfullfilled spiritually and the adversary destroyed my relationship with her..I gave back all the gifts that she gave me and I wrote her letter that I gave up on everything..I was getting drunk and taking drugs and watching porn..I was thinking and planning my suicide..I was so distraught..Then on the way to I thought was going to be my last day on earth..I remember that I was invited to the HOPE CHAPEL Gateway and for some reason I decided to go. this Video THE MAN IN THE HOLE was played and I knew that this Video was meant for me and I literally broke down and I surrenderd my life to the LORD..I will always remember that day..My friend Diana and Pastor Ron helped and prayed for me to surrender everything and I did..Praise the our god and saviour..JESUS Christ…

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