Understand The True Meaning Of Christmas

Understand The True Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, but do we really understand what we are about to celebrate? For most people, it is a time where we take a couple of weeks off from school to play with the new toys that we are gifted on the 25th of December. However, there is so much more to Christmas than just getting presents and buying stuff for other people.

The real spirit of Christmas is all about giving. No matter what anyone says to you, the true spirit of the holiday is what you can give to people as opposed to what you can receive. The gift doesn’t have to be anything big, but the gesture and the joy it can bring to people should be at the forefront of your mind this holiday season.

Christmas should be a time where all is forgotten for a short time. Everyone should be happy and the banks should stop calling about their car loans for a couple of weeks. People should just be happy to be around those that they love. Say a prayer for the troops, or spend some time helping the needy in the streets, or those who don’t have a job or money to travel to see their family.

It isn’t often that we get to just sit together in the same room and just be together. With Facebook, life-like video games and people working all the time, families don’t often do more than happen to pass each other in the kitchen. Things like family and good friends should not be taken for granted. We get so caught up in our car loans, prescription costs and other issues to really understand what is important in life.

Work for the Salvation Army if you get a chance to this year. Ringing a bell in front of the mall for a couple of hours on a Saturday will be a bigger gift than you could possibly imagine. Helping groups who help those in needs have a decent Christmas meal, or help buy a toy for a needy child can be better than anything you get for Christmas.

Reach out to a friend or relative that you haven’t spoken to in years. Go visit your grandmother in the nursing home for an hour or two. No matter what shape she is in, she will appreciate that someone took the time to see them and that will make her night. If you have an enemy, reach out in hopes of making peace with an adversary. If you are a Christian, you will understand that the holiday is a celebration of the birth of Christ and do something in the spirit of Christ.

Poem : The True Meaning Of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas

God Dwelt Among Us

The real meaning of Christmas is all about peace, love and forgiveness.It isn’t about car loans, money and working more hours to try and suck up to your boss. The real meaning of Christmas is about the joy you can give to others and the appreciation for what you have, not what you are longing to receive.

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  1. The true meaning of christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our savior. In christmas we exchange presents is because the born of Jesus Christ is a gift from God to us. Just like a present,if you accept the gift then it’s yours.You don’t need to pay to get the gift you just have accept it. So is Jesus,you don’t have pay any price to be saved.What you have to do is to accept Him as your savior then it’s your’s.This is the true meaning of christmas.It’s all about God’s love to us.

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