The Secret of Healing

Secret of Healing

Our level of power or holiness has nothing to do with our ability to get ourselves or our loved ones healed.

Take the case of Peter. In Acts 3, he used the name of Jesus to get the man lying at the Temple Gate healed. In so doing, he declared that his (Peter’s) level of power or holiness had nothing to do with the healing of this helpless man. Acts 3:12, “And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, men of Israel, why marvel at this? Or why look so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk?”

Getting your loved one healed is not dependent upon your level of power or holiness! If it was, then no one would ever be healed.

The devil will sidetrack you in this misunderstanding first. If he can make you believe that the healing of yourself or your loved one is in any way conditioned upon your own level of power or holiness, neither you nor your loved one will be healed! Why? Because not one of us, including Peter, has enough power or holiness to get any one healed. The proper approach to healing disarms the devil completely as he tries to peddle his “you are not powerful or holy enough” lie.

God alone has the power to work genuine miracles. It is up to God to decide it when and where, with whom and for whom. But it is also a truth that holiness attracts God to be present and work miracles. Repentance and humility added to faith prompts God to work miracles.

6 thoughts on “The Secret of Healing”

  1. Brother,

    What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you!
    I take great offense however at the image you chose to accompany it. Why would you post an image that depicts a man about to perform a sex act on another man? I will no longer follow your blog if you continue to support such acts that the bible clearly tells us are wrong.

  2. Hi TheRealJohnson,

    Happy to know you like the post. Thanks!

    Whatttt! How could you even imagine that the picture depicts a sex act? One can clearly see that the image shows Jesus healing a man who is kneeling before Him for cure. Anyway you saw the image from your vision of mind. With this kind of mindset, you are not going to turnback to God even if you follow this blog.

    God Bless You

  3. I don’t know Georgy. I’m really straight and I’m very in touch with God (I’m married!!!!).
    I think it’s entirely possible you chose this image from your vision of mind. Maybe you’re not willing to admit it to yourself, but this is clearly a man kneeling before another man for reasons that don’t involve curing. Perhaps you need to think about why you selected this image. I don’t judge you because the bible says I shouldn’t, but maybe it is you who needs to turn back to God…

    God Bless.

  4. Hi TheRealJohnson,

    You mentioned “but this is clearly a man kneeling before another man for reasons that don’t involve curing.” How did you figure out that? What made you come to that conclusion? Are you the expert?

    I am asking this because among the 370 people who already read this article, only you mentioned that the image is bad. Wake UP friend! Get rid of your vile thoughts.

    God Bless You

  5. Hii Friends,
    as u mentioned in this post.

    The devil will sidetrack you in this misunderstanding first.

    may the Blood of Christ purify our thoughts.

    God bless you Georgy.

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