Where Does Our Satisfaction Lie?

Where does our satisfaction lie

If only I get some money I could manage my problems… Once these family problems are over, I am safe. If I get a promotion and increment in my salary, I would be able to manage my family financially a little better. It is because I do not get an opportunity to expose my talents and capabilities that I remain unsatisfied. Despair overshadows me because I am sick… I would manage anyone other than this unbearable husband or problem making wife…

Given above are some of the critical thoughts that affect God’s blessing in our life. They specify, ‘where we think our happiness lies.’

Mind you, there are people who suffer amidst abundance of money. There were people who committed suicide while being on top of available opportunities, prestige and pomp. No one will be satisfied or economically safe at an increment, promotion or a sudden rise in income. For, there are people who go through severe financial troubles though they draw a huge amount of salary and income.

Human problems can never be solved through material abundance. If we think in terms of this, it is a misunderstanding. Rather it is a thought that the devil puts in our mind. Only God can satisfy human desires and wants. If you try to solve your problems through money, it is like drinking honey in heavy sunshine, while you thirst adamantly for a glass of water. Safety and security in relationships also will not satisfy us. Human heart is more perverse than anything else. We think that it thirsts for something and the reason would be something else. When we try to open the door with wrong keys, the problems will increase again and again.

We should never think that problems are the causes of our despair and pain. There are many who live happily and satisfied in the midst of many problems. Because they receive everything from the hands of God and what God gives will never trouble man. God must give us health and wealth. He must provide us with opportunities and visions to be fulfilled.

In order that God gives us everything, we should pray for each and everything. When we are sick, we should pray. God will heal us either through a doctor or without going to the doctor. Anyhow the healing that God gives will be complete. If we are in a finanical crisis, we should pray. God will surely open up the ways of meeting those needs. If we are not able to love everyone, we should pray that we be filled with love of God.

Unless and until we pray for our problems they will never end ultimately. There is only one way to success and satisfaction in life. Pray and allow God to provide you everything.

– – – written by Jinto Mathew

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