The Secret (2006 film) – The Law of Attraction

The Secret 2006 film

The Secret, a film produced by Prime Time Productions, consists of a series of interviews and dramatizations related to “The Law of Attraction”. Distributed through DVD, and online (through streaming media), the film and the subsequent publication of a book by the same name and of the same topic as the film, has attracted interest from media figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King as well as criticism from the mainstream press. The film is largely influenced by Wallace D. Wattles’ 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich.


The Secret, described as a self-help film, uses a documentary format to present the Law of Attraction. This law is the “secret” that, according to the tagline, “has traveled through centuries to reach you.” The film features the short dramatized experiences and interviews of a team called personal transformation specialists, spiritual messengers, feng shui masters, and other experts. As described in the film, the “Law of Attraction” principle posits that feelings and thoughts can attract events, from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs. The film also suggests that there has been a strong tendency by those in positions of power to keep this central principle hidden from the public. The previews or “clues” to the film, show men who “uncovered the Secret…”.

Teachers of the Law of Attraction:-

The film includes interviews of individuals described as professionals and authors in the fields of quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, coaching, theology, philosophy, finance, feng shui, medicine, and personal development, who are referred to as “secret teachers”. Some of these individuals, at their Web sites, promote the film and their connection to it. A few of the individuals with only brief appearances do not specifically speak of the “Law of Attraction” in their interviews, so their support of the concepts is based on viewer assumption.

Individuals who focus on the “Law of Attraction”, are interviewed in the film, and have later been featured on prominent American TV shows, are: Rusty G. Parrish, John Assaraf, Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, James Arthur Ray, “Dr.” Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, Marie Diamond, and Dr. John Gray. Other people involved in the film, who have spoken of their strong belief in the Law of Attraction include Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks (original edition only), Mike Dooley, Bob Doyle, David Schirmer, and Marci Shimoff. Others interviewed in the film, and who voice very similar views without actually using the phrase “Law of Attraction” include: Lee Brower, Hale Dwoskin, Cathy Goodman, Morris E. Goodman, Dr. John Hagelin, Bill Harris, Dr. Ben Johnson, Loral Langemeier, Dr. Denis Waitley, Neale Donald Walsch, and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

The film also includes quotes by historical figures, described by producer Rhonda Byrne in the voiceover as “past secret teachers.” Byrne states in the voiceover, “I can’t believe all the people who knew this; they were the greatest people in history.” The people identified include: Hermes Trismegistus, Buddha, Aristotle, W. Clement Stone, Plato, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr., Carl Jung, Victor Hugo, Henry Ford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Robert Collier, Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, Joseph Campbell, Alexander Graham Bell, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

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  1. One of my favorite quotes is “Our job is not to worry about the “How.” The “How” will show up out of the commitment and belief in the “what.” Most people worry about how they will obtain their goal. It is not your worry! Just move forward in faith! The universe will handle all the details, you could not even predict the people, circumstances and events that will come into your experience to assist you with your goal. It is a freeing feeling to let go of “how” you will accomplish your goal.

    It’s A Great Day!

  2. Hello webmaster, I fell lucky that I located this post while searching for law of attraction. I am with you on this topic. Great blog!!!

  3. Thank you for making sure what i m saying to the others. I ve met the secret many times in my life. This time i m waiting for more and i hope so. Dreams come true. Thank you…xxx

  4. The Secret is a complete lie. Man is worshipping the creation (“the Universe”), instead of the Creator (God). The Universe possesses no power to give you anything except what it contains (food, water, oxygen etc.).

    Millions of people believe that they want food, but the Universe does not provide food for them. Believe, and put your faith in God, not the Universe. Christians, don’t be fooled!!

  5. I think thats rather foolish to describe it as lie, repeating the errors of others in the past. The Lords greatness stretches beyond the spiritual and into the metaphysical, Is it not a fact that he is indeed omnipresent?? SO how can anything be too great for him?? isnt it very much possbile that he made things this way? because if you say he didnt then there is a huge problem with the way you think my friend…the bible talks about claiming victory in times of hardship and how it actually worked, also reads of one think that Jesus did consistantly, and that was speak…he spoke things into existence, this Law of Attraction is only the scientific proof of our ability to do those thing which have already been spoken on. ask yourself this, how did Jesus know to SPEAK things into existance…? hmmm, well my guess is the Omni present GOD, who guided him to it, physics, biology, Chemistry, all of the sciences have done nothing but conclude that He was right! and beyond that however they can not prove he was wrong. I urge you to embrase this, because turning it away is turning people away as well…I love this film and it is only the foundation of thought, however, go to the main site an oreder the books for a greater understanding…its not meant for everyone, because not everyone can handle such power wisely, however we all harbor it.

  6. well, this is what my thought is about “The Secret 2006”. When I was growing up, I would have anything I would dream of and would be attracted to and would go away whatever I did not want or hated to have.

    Over the years, it was all going wrong. I would not get anything I would dream of or attract. I was wondering why it happening this way and started to search for answers and finally landed at this movie on youtube.

    After watching this movie, I realised that when I was growing up I would only attract what I dreamed of and never thought otherwise, nor I ever thought “How will this happen” How can this happen” etc. But over the years I had been thinking negatively like “Wow! Its such a great thing I am dreaming of and I dont think I am gonna have it. How can I have it? Theres no way etc.

    This movie reminds me of how I was to how I became and how I would get anything I would want to how I wouldn’t get anything I would want.

    So I strongly believe in this movie and the best thing I learned from this movie is, that, your universe re-arranges itself responding to your thoughts. So, that means….If I was positive and got what I wanted and I became negative and didn’t get what I wanted that means I can again start getting be having positive thoughts. As, this movie said, Life is abundant and there are not only “THREE WISHES” there is anything you wish for earnestly and positively and let your “Emotional Guidance System” help you figure out if you are or are not in alignment with the universe.

  7. Good day to you. I would like to know where and how I can aquire permission to copy and distribute The Secret.There are so many people who urgently need help to get out of suffering.That is what I want to do. Can anybody please notify me? Thank you very much. Here is my e mail address:

  8. The world has a right to know the truth. First thing first. 1) there is nothing so powerful as the truth 2) in this world its not what you take up that makes you rich, for it is rather what you give up that makes you rich, 3) if you believe you can achieve, 4) prayers are the top keys to having whatever you want and they do work because I am speaking from experience, 5) everything you want and need is already here, for instance if you want to go and catch fish, you must have a fishing rod, you must get near water, doesn’t that make sense? To many of us want something but we are not willing to align ourselves up with what we are looking for. By means if you want to cut grass you will need a lawn mower or weed eater, also you have to be around grass. Lets talk on a different level, the universe like speed and whatever you want or are trying to do, secondly you can do anything you put your mind to. You must realize what you think about you become about.

  9. Good day, i am pretty much interested in the books and the DVDs. Can anyone help me on how to obtain a copy for myself


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