The Relevance Of Spirituality

The Relevance Of Spirituality

Changing Lifestyle of People

In today’s changing environment, everyone is busy. We are moving through a busy life, we are imitating modern culture. Last month, one of my colleagues told me “I have everything in my life, but I have no peace of mind, I have achieved everything in my life, still no happiness, only a worrying mind is with me”. I am not sure, but many people have this similar experience in their life also.

Need Hierarchy Theory

Somebody wants to be a millionaire, another wants to be a successful professional. We know, our wants are unlimited. I wish to explain the famous psychologist Abrham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory. According to the theory, there are needs like physiological needs (food, shelter etc), social needs (job, position in society etc), self-esteem needs (buying luxuries for getting status in the society) and finally self-actualization needs (beyond this there is no need in human life). Everybody is moving around for satisfaction of these needs .

Do You Believe In GOD?

After all, what is remaining with us? “NOTHING”. Then we will think about “What is next”? Achieved everything in life, still no peace, only fear and worrying mind left. At last, you turn to God for peace ………..Yes, from this point, I want to share my thoughts with you. Do you believe in God? During our difficult times only we remember Him, at other times intentionally we forget that POWER.

“When they call to me, I will answer them; When they are in trouble, I will be with them. I will rescue them and honour them”(PSALMS 91). When we enter into the deepness of these words, we can feel the presence of our loving God, He is our protector and defender. We can achieve everything in life which is physical in nature but the ultimate peace of our soul will come only from God. How many of us have time to spend with God? We have no time, we are busy people. Nowadays Sunday prayer in church is considered as a custom by everyone. Only that 2 or 3 hour prayer, after that everything OK.

What is Prayer?

What our God actually wants from us? In my view, prayer is our inner (soul) communication with God, through which we can feel the presence of our protector, keep our trust in Him, and stabilize our belief in Him. God never measures your BHAKTHI (devotion) on the basis of your wealth, family, puja like show off. He will value you only on the basis of the purity of your thoughts and activities. If God can see Himself in you, then He will select you as His follower. This is what God ultimately wants from us.

– – – written by Anuja J.A, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala

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