Learn About The Persecuted Church

Learn About The Persecuted Church

Do you desire to learn more about the persecuted church? Do you know answers to questions like…

What does the Bible teach about persecution?
Which countries are the worst persecutors of Christians?
Why is the gospel spreading so fast in Islamic nations?
What can I do—while living in the free world—to help persecuted Christians?

Voice of Martyrs provides multiple opportunities for you to find the answers to these questions and to further your understanding of what Pastor Richard Wurmbrand called “sufferology.”

Here are 3 ways you can deepen your knowledge of God’s work among persecuted Christians.


The VOM Classroom provides an opportunity to learn about the persecuted church through FREE online classes, such as Muslim Evangelism and Intercessory Prayer for the Persecuted Church. All classes are self-paced, and now all classes are also FREE.


The Global Studies program at OWU is the only academic program of its kind. Students study the theological implications of persecution and interact directly with Christians who have been persecuted for their faith.


Explore suffering and persecution from Genesis through Revelation in this biblical theology of persecution. Order your copy today at www.VOMBooks.com.

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  1. A sad News: The Turkish government demolishs the tower of the church of Zaz in Tur Abdin.
    Dear colleagues,
    just received a phone call from a colleague visiting the province of Mardin. Apparently, the ancient monastery of Mor Dimet in İzbırak köyü, Midyat (Mardin) has received a demolition order, to be executed in the next few days. I was told that currently a Syriac nun and a monk are living there. I cannot verify anything from here (Istanbul), but would be most grateful if anyone was able to find out more and get in touch (or preferably, inform the media),

    Dr. phil. Rainer Brömer
    Fatih Ãœniversitesi
    Philosophy Dept./Felsefe bölümü A-341
    TR-34500 Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

    Tel. +90-212-8663300 ext. 2238
    (before dialling extension, wait for message to start)
    mobile: +90-539-8735401
    office e-mail: rbromer@fatih.edu.tr

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