The Peace of Christ

The peace of Christ

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. We all know this famous prayer by Francis of Assisi.

Jesus said “I give you peace, my peace I give you”. Jesus gives his peace to us. He differentiates his peace from the peace given by the world. We all talk about peace in the world. We are talking about the peace given by this world through treaties and pacts, as opposed to the true peace of Christ. The peace of the world is conditional, while the peace of Christ is unconditional.

The peace of the world can be bought by power, money and pacts. The peace of Christ cannot be bought. The peace of the world is delusional and fragile. It truly doesn’t exist. Peace of the world is brought about by “marriages of convenience”, between people, nations and ideologies. The peace offered by the world is politically correct, but not spiritually correct.

The peace of Christ is an internal peace. It does not depend on your circumstances. You could be living in poverty, but still could experience peace. You could be living in war-torn Iraq, but still could experience peace. You may be persecuted, but still could be a bearer of peace. You may be hated for your nationality, color or personality, but sill could experience the internal serenity of Christ. The world cannot bring this peace to you. Troops cannot protect this peace. It is a peace, offered to those who are meek, humble and pure in heart. It is a peace offered to those who have an original innocence in them.

The peace of Christ will bring happiness in the midst of despair, hatred, sadness and darkness. It will happen only when you die in Christ with all your sins and all your pride. Francis of Assisi is calling us to experience the peace of Christ as experienced by him.

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