Beware of Tiny Little Sins

Beware of tiny little sins

The outfall of the rivers to the seaport is comparatively less deep. It is the same even with the case of very powerful and heavy flowing rivers. What could be the reason? The sand carried by the flowing water settles at the port. Thus the sandbank formed may even change the direction of the river … Read more

Runaway Method From Sins

Runaway Method From Sins

The runaway method from sins, used often by saints is really awesome. My friend told me about this method today and I really liked it. Its one of the best ways to keep sins at bay. Runaway Method By Saints The runaway method from sins used by saints is just simple. When we are tempted … Read more

Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs

Why We Should Not Use Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol is the most frequently abused drug in the world. It is a fact that the effect of use of alcohol except under medical advice is primarily negative. It leads to highly undesirable physical mental and social consequences. Drugs are chemicals that have a profound impact on … Read more