Runaway Method From Sins

Runaway Method From Sins

The runaway method from sins, used often by saints is really awesome. My friend told me about this method today and I really liked it. Its one of the best ways to keep sins at bay.

Runaway Method By Saints

The runaway method from sins used by saints is just simple.

When we are tempted to do any sin, let it be big or small, we should just say any prayer like Our father who alt in heaven or Hail Mary full of grace, repeatedly for any number of times, until the temptation goes away by itself. The Holy Spirit will come upon us when we repeat these prayers and make our hearts stronger in GOD, giving us the courage to run away from the sin we were gonna commit.

Just a simple step but you will wonder that it has the power to save our souls from the deadliest of sins too. The point to remember is not to give in to our instincts and start our favorite prayer at the instant when we realize that we are gonna commit a sin. Say the prayer meaning it, repeatedly and you will see the work of Holy Spirit on you.

Run From Sin As From Snake

My friend came to know about this method from his church pastor. He was under the heavy influence of the sexual sin of masturbation (Is masturbation a sin?). The pastor gave him so many advices as to avoid the situations causing him to do this, to get busy in other things like an outdoor game, office matters etc and then, this runaway method too. He is now trying this runaway method from sins to escape from the sexual sin and I think he is finding this method as the best one to escape from any type of sins. So he shared it with all of us today.

Friends, come on, let us also try this runaway method by saints in our everyday life.

PDF titled ‘Run Away From Sexual Sin’ available - Download PDF

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  1. The problem with Masturbation is that it is usually connected with Lust or Adultery. Remember that the LORD says that if a person even looks at another with lust in his heart, he has lusted over this other person, usually resulting in Masturbation, so now you have added to the number of sins committed, fortunately our GOD is a very forgiving GOD.
    May the Grace of GOD be with you and your loved ones, now and forever.
    Your Brother in CHRIST, Sal

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