Beware of Tiny Little Sins

Beware of tiny little sins

The outfall of the rivers to the seaport is comparatively less deep. It is the same even with the case of very powerful and heavy flowing rivers. What could be the reason? The sand carried by the flowing water settles at the port. Thus the sandbank formed may even change the direction of the river in several years.

In olden times we were depending mainly on rivers for journey than road ways. As it was the case, there were incidents where port cities became unapproachable due to the formation of heavy sandbanks. Such cities even disappeared in course of time.

Remember that neither heavy landslide nor an earthquake caused this great change. It is not even big stones or rocks that changed the direction of the mighty river. But the cause of such a big change was tiny sands. Likewise even tiny little sins and seemingly small mistakes can direct us to huge troubles. They can be terrible blocks in our life.

This could be one of the reasons why many faithful ones stumble on the way and their life become futile. They do not commit the mistakes which the society considers grave. And they may evade from the serious sins.

But they are unaware that the tiny mistakes are repeated every now and then. At last these tiny sins will settle at the shore of our heart and change the direction of our life as well as block our relationship with the ocean of grace. It is one of the reasons of a troubled and callous life.

Let us pray: Lord, give me a simple heart which rejects everything unpleasing to you without rating sins as big and small. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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  1. This same message came to me while I was seeking the Lord for direction on some issues, the things we think doesn’t count can eventually count against us, lets watch it. Keep up good work the Lord reward you. Amen.

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