Poem : The Master of All

Jesus Son of the Almighty

Through the midnight I waited in vain. Alone in the dark my tears fell like rain. The sorrows and burdens my soul did repeat. Became like the sound of my hearts very beat. I measured my sins and weighed the true cost. I knew that surely my soul would be lost. Then with the suns rising a … Read more

Poem : That is When We Believe

That is when we believe

Faith is believing the unseen, Believing what you can’t touch, Knowing God is on your side, And he loves us all so much, God’s word is full of life and love, And it shows us a better way, So let’s get in tune to God, And we do this as we pray, Knock and it … Read more

Poem : A Glimpse of God

Care Compassion Love

“It was a tough day,” she wrote I imagined her collapsing in an easy chair after a day that was anything but easy Head pounding, feet aching… heart breaking for those she cared for…. some on the road to recovery and others unable to turn the corner to a brighter day How do you rise … Read more

Poem : His Eagles Wings Of Love

His Eagles Wings Of Love

Praise God, He’s always here for me, He never let me fall! He is always there to carry me when On His Precious name I call! Knowing He’s beside me and provides me all that I need, He Keeps my spirits bolstered and I am free, free indeed! All my worries and distress, Are sent … Read more

It’s in your journey that you ran

It's in your journey that you ran

In a hundred years time it won’t matter if the house you’ve lived in wasn’t done, the garden and outside wasn’t finished, or all the chores that were not begun. It’s in your journey that you ran In a hundred years time it won’t matter if the paint still in the tin, that was meant … Read more