Holy Spirit Poems

Holy Spirit Poems

Holy, Holy Spirit Poem Holy, Holy Spirit, I have quenched your flame. I received you, but I grieved you when conviction came. Holy, Holy Spirit, whom I have despised, Jesus sent you and He meant you when He prophesied that He would send the Holy Spirit showing me the way and leading me into the … Read more

Military Poems : The Soldiers Life

Military Poems

The soldiers life is not for all A soldier must be willing to give his all He is overworked and underpaid A truer patriot was never made Ready to go at any time Wherever there is trouble or the first sign His courage and honor are unsurpassed Ready and willing to complete the task Travelling … Read more

Rosary Defined

Rosary Defined

The rosary may be just a chaplet of beads, Its meaning is clearly seen, Every bead is a hymn of praise To the Mother of God – our Queen. . The 5 Joyful Mysteries tell a tale, Of a virgin so meek and mild, Her happiness in bearing a son And watching him grow from … Read more

Poem : Still He Walked

Jesus on way to Calvary

He could hear the crowds screaming “crucify” “crucify”… He could hear the hatred in their voices, These were his chosen people. He loved them, And they were going to crucify him. He was beaten, bleeding and weakened… his heart was broken, But still He walked. He could see the crowd as he came from the … Read more

Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord

Grace like rain

To grow in God’s grace and knowledge spend time each day in His Word; To think we can grasp it all on our own without doubt can be totally absurd! We must have His words of wisdom to daily mature in Him; Each day will take us to a new level and in that we … Read more