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March 31st, 2010

SMS for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter

Blessed Good Friday

SMS for Maundy Thursday

In his last supper, Jesus gave his body and blood for us! Let us remember this beautify act of the Lord on this Maundy Thursday. Happy Maundy Thursday!

When u face problems in life
don’t ask GOD to take them away
Ask Him to show His purpose
Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you.

SMS for Good Friday

Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus
The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice.
He took our guilt and blame upon Himself
So we could be with Him in paradise.

A perfect God demands a perfect justice
He cannot let us get away with sin.
We used God’s gift of our free will to trespass
So heaven’s gates were closed; we couldn’t get in

Da cross was 2 pieces of dead wood
and a helpless unresisting Man was
nailed 2 it yet it was mightier dan
da world and triumphed & will

May on this GOOD FRIDAY we start it with
Fasting and Prayers so that we can bring
God’s mercy and forgiveness on all mankind
Lets Pray together

I am da witness 2 his fearless death
I am a token of his last promise – 4giveness
I am da CROSS Blessings on Good Friday….

GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear & affright!
My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled,
My words the words that priest & soldier said
My deed the spear to desecrate the dead

SMS for Easter

Easter is a promise God renews to us in each spring. May the promise of Easter fill your heart with peace and joy! Happy Easter!

The budding trees, the new flowers,
and birds that sweetly sing,
whisper to me that it’s Easter.
Here is wishing a warmth for your soul on Easter and always! Happy Easter!

Wishing U a Very Very “HAPPY EASTER” Wid Luv And Best Wishes.. May That EASTER Day Brings LOT of Happiness And JOYS in ur LIFE. May u Live Long LIFE… And That EASTER day Will comes in UR life Hundred Times…Remember me in ur prayers…

I hope these Maundy Thursday SMS and Good Friday SMS will be a great help to many who are still in doubt what to sms their friends on this special day.

December 25th, 2009

Wish you all a Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree sparkling

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth changed the whole world — and He can change your life today. Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem in Israel over 2,000 years ago; His mother was the virgin Mary. When He was born, an angel proclaimed to shepherds in the field “Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”


C – is for the Child born that night to be our light.
H – is for holy is His name.
R – is for rejoice with gladness & joy.
I – is for Immanuel, God with us.
S – is for the star that led the Wise men to Him.
T – is for the truth & grace that was sent our way.
M – is for Mother Mary laying Him in swaddling clothes in the manger.
A – is for angels singing songs of joy.
S – is for salvation.

Wishing You all a Very Happy Merry Christmas-2009

November 29th, 2009

2000+ subscribers for TurnBackToGod (TBTG)

2000 readers

Today I notice that TBTG subscribers/readers count has gone over the 2000 mark (see on the top right side). Its a little unstable, so kindly forgive me if it went a little down when you are reading this post.

Anyway, the good news is that TurnBackToGod can now boast about a 2000 plus people in the world loving our blog and in order to avoid missing even a single post, these people have subscribed to our blog feed (feed helps you to get updates).

I know that there are a lot more than this 2000 who visit our blog daily to know the updates, because  we update TBTG daily. We greatefully remember you people also. I would like to suggest to these people that you should subscribe to updates via Email (or via feed as you like), so that whenever a new post appears in TBTG, you are informed for sure.

You can do this using the Email subscription form we put at the top right side of TBTG, with a smiling face of Georgy giving you a thumbs up and pointing to the Email subscription form below me.

Please note these 2 things :

1. You can avoid this and check back everyday to see the updates; Its ok; But its easier this way as you need to come to our site only if you like the content title u get in feed readers and i case of email subscriptions, as we provide the full feed through mail, you don’t even need to come here to read the full article. Does that ring any bell?

2. We won’t spam you with tons of emails everyday. Even if we post 10 posts or 1 post a day, you will receive only one mail with all the post contents. And as we update TBTG every day, be prepared to get that one email every day as you open your inbox (in the case where you have subscribed with your email address) and we are sure that email will brighten up your day.

And moreover, if you like us and want to help us, then we please recommend you subscribe to us so that we may reach our next target of 3000 subscribers sooner and thus we all spread the Word of God allover the planet, together.

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