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April 29th, 2012

Fourth Anniversary And 3000th Post On TBTG

Fourth Anniversary And 3000th Post

Hi Friends, this is the 3000th post on this website and we also celebrate our fourth anniversary. TBTG was born in April 2008 and the good LORD blessed us in so many ways in all these 4 awesome years. We are really grateful to all of you for supporting us till this day and we are filled with gratitude when we write this 3000th article here on this website.

How We Got Here

You can see our gradual progress from that basic website to what we are now if you look at the following previous anniversary posts.

We started TBTG on April 3rd, 2008 with this post  – – The Prodigal Son turning back to GOD

First Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated in 2009  – – First Anniversary of TBTG

Second Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated in 2010  – – Second Anniversary of TBTG

Third Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated in 2011  – – Third Anniversary of TBTG

TBTG Current Website Stats

Average Per Day39,130
Average Visit Length0:30
Last Hour1,690
This Week273,907
Average Per Day66,462
Average Per Visit1.7
Last Hour2,905
This Week465,236

 (stats provided by SiteMeter)

Google PageRank – 4/10

Alexa Rank – 48,359

Average Users Online – 150

Feed Subscribers – 17450

Countries that visited TBTG – 233

We thank God for all the beautiful response we are getting on this Internet and we ask for your prayers so that we can preach HIS WORD more and more through this most powerful media that is available now. Thank you all once again and God bless.

April 6th, 2011

Third Anniversary of TurnBackToGod

Third Anniversary of TurnBackToGod

Hi Friends, today we are celebrating the third anniversary of turnbacktogod website. The almighty GOD has blessed us abundantly all through these 3 glorious years and we could really feel his presence in each new step we took in this TBTG mission. Thank you Lord, thank you so much for guiding us holding this little TBTG baby’s hand in all these years.

Tons of thanks to each one of you, our loyal readers, who did so much to spread HIS kingdom all over this vast internet, by promoting us among others in all the ways you could. Thank you so much. Our prayers will be there for each one of you.

We started TBTG on April 3rd, 2008 with this post  – – The Prodigal Son turning back to GOD

First Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated in 2009  – – First Anniversary of TBTG

Second Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated in 2010  – – Second Anniversary of TBTG

Now TBTG has 2545 articles here in our website and we continue posting a new article, a song, poem, prayer, story, thought, video any good Christan material which will be useful to each one of our readers. We hope that you are already a registered member in TBTG. If not, please register and become a TBTG registered member by going to our registration page.

TBTG Traffic Stats

And we are happy to say that we are spreading through the internet at a rapid rate with HIS blessings. Here is the traffic stats of TBTG as of now.

Average Per Day16,166
Average Visit Length1:07
Last Hour616
This Week113,159
Average Per Day35,370
Average Per Visit2.2
Last Hour1,296
This Week247,588

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Google PageRank – 4/10

Alexa Rank – 79,125

Average Users Online – 90

Feed Subscribers – 10710

Countries that visited TBTG – 231

Countries List

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We are very much grateful to each one of our readers for making us realize all our above dreams. But we promise you that we are not going to stop here. We will go on. We will be here as long as we can, supporting you, posting new and new fresh content everyday in our TBTG website.

Expecting all your support in future too,

God Bless You All

April 5th, 2010

Second Anniversary of TurnBackToGod (TBTG)

Second Anniversary of TurnBackToGod

Friends, we are extremely happy to announce the second anniversary of turnbacktogod website. Yes, its been two glorious years since TBTG is on the internet. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the help and support that we had been receiving in these 730 days of internet period.

We started TBTG on April 3rd, 2008 with this post  – – The Prodigal Son turning back to GOD

First Anniversary of TBTG was celebrated last year  – – First Anniversary of TBTG

Now TBTG has close to 2000 posts, to be specific 1970 posts and we will soon be coming with the 200oth post celebration. The INTERNET being the most wide spread medium now and which is to grow in such speed that soon there wont be a home in our planet that is not connected to this network. Keeping this in mind, TBTG is our effort to spread CHRIST all over this medium, to make Him and all things related to him available freely over the internet. And we believe we had been successful in this to some extent.

We are an army marching towards a goal. TBTG faced bad times too. Not to forget the 3 times when we were hacked by the ‘Devils of Internet’. But no worries! We are still here and by the grace of God, we are going to be here for another 50 years, we promise.

We cant do this without you readers. Please help us to spread news about this website to your colleagues, friends, cousins etc. We know many are forwarding the daily mail we sent out to them, to their friends and relatives. Thanks a ton to you all. We hope you know how to subscribe to us and do away with the need to come here and read our updates.

Get updates via Mail for Free

If you are not subscribed to TBTG, enter your email in the text box above and click ‘Subscribe’. If you want to gift our subscription service to some of your friends, enter their email ID here. Please note that this subscription is completely free. You will be getting a confirmation email in your mailbox within 5 minutes and you need to click on the confirmation link in that mail to activate your free subscription to TBTG. So if you are gifting this service to your friends, call them and tell them to click on the confirmation link in the confirmation mail they will receive from us.

TBTG Traffic Stats

Average Per Day5,238
Average Visit Length2:51
Last Hour169
This Week36,664
Average Per Day16,347
Average Per Visit3.1
Last Hour570
This Week114,429

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Google PageRank – 4/10

Alexa Rank – 78,672

Average Users Online – 30

Feed Subscribers – 3470

Countries that visited TBTG – 225

TBTG Country Traffic Chart

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I know very well that all the above achievements of TBTG are through the Grace of The Almighty God and my brothers and sisters all over the world who were seeking Him and spreading Him via the Internet. Thank you Lord and thanks to each and everyone of you for making this little website a grand success on the net.

You can contact us from Contact TBTG and send your articles to share to the email id given there so that we can publish those articles here.

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