Jesus Christ Wallpaper set 23 – Jesus with children

See the 12 Jesus Christ wallpapers given above, showing Him along with children. Pictures that show Jesus with children are very common. And we all know the reason very well. Jesus loved children very much. He liked their innocence very much. He also asks us to be like one of them, so pure, so innocent … Read more

Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images – Pic set 20

Its been a while since I posted some nice real life pictures of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Check all the 24 pictures given just above. I am sure you will love many among them. Click on the thumbnails to see the original image. The picture of girl with Jesus, where Jesus is hugging the girl … Read more

Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images – Pic set 18

See all the 15 pics of Jesus given above. Each of them comes along with a question, right from Jesus’ mouth. Here are the questions He asks, in the same order of the pics. Plz go through these… Jesus asks:- If you never felt pain, Then how would you know that I am a Healer? … Read more