What Lent Means To Me

What Lent Means To Me

As with most things in life, lent is probably something you learned about from your parents. From birth we are brought up to think of lent as a time where we sacrifice something important to us in praise of Jesus, but I believe that lent is much more than that. I feel that we can … Read more

Video On Fasting

It doesn’t have to be just fasting from food, it can be from anything that you really want to do. Many people choose different things to fast from. Some from food, others watching TV, some Internet, others hobbies. No matter what you chose to fast from, so long as you mean the sacrifice of time … Read more

A Different Approach to Fasting

Download : A different approach to fasting Click the above link to download “A Different Approach to Fasting” slideshow (2.58 MB) Preview:- A different approach to Fasting Here are suggestions you may want to consider. 1. Fasts have a tendency to be oriented toward things  like giving up food or television. But there are many other creative … Read more