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June 12th, 2010

Make A Splash In The Birdbath Of God’s Love

The Birdbath Of God’s Love

“The Lord God is my strength , and He will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and He will make me to walk upon high places. – Habakkuk 3:19

Recently I looked out the window and noticed a commotion in the bird bath. A blue Jay was taking a jubilant and unrestrained bath.  Water was splashing everywhere, and I wondered if there would be any left in the bath when he finished his procedure.

My question was soon answered as he flew away and a smaller bird took his place.  The delight of this bird seemed evident as the water sprayed here and there – going every where. There is no doubt that the larger bird made a bigger splash than the smaller bird, but they each enjoyed their special time in that birdbath.

As Christians step into the birdbath of God’s love and His truth, they will each make a splash upon the lives of others. The well know ones, such as famous evangelists, ministers and authors make a big splash as they share their faith and invite others into the joyous relationship with Jesus.

However, the splash of the little known Christian is just as important in God’s eyes. It is in  the life splash of each Christian mother that a child is nurtured in God’s love and acceptance.  It is in the splash of life where each Christian father exemplifies God’s love and forgiveness. And it may be in the example of either parent where God’s mercy is exhibited and His personal presence is shared.

It is wonderful that God uses all of us. Let us never forget that it is not the size of the splash that matters, it is the fact that we touch another in the Name and for the sake of Christ.

– – – written by Marion Smith

June 8th, 2010

We Are The Fragrance Of Christ

white wild flowers

The fragrance of the knowledge of Christ is spread through the believer – (2 Cor. 14)

I looked out the window and noticed is a thorny plant in bloom. The flowers look like clover- round little purple heads on a tall and gangly stalk. The amazing thing is the amount of bees this plant has drawn. About thirty bees are literally swarming around  this bush. Now, there is no fragrance to this flower that I can detect, but, there is something  most definitely  appealing about this perennial  to these busy insects!

In the Bible God talks about fragrance a few times in both the Old and New Testament.  In 2 Cor. 14  He says, the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ is spread through the believer. In the next verse it says we (Christians) are the sweet fragrance of Christ to God .

So, therefore, we are the fragrance of Christ, to God, and we spread this fragrance of Christ to others. Just like the bees were drawn to the flowers which emitted no sweet smell to me, likewise non believers can be drawn to a Christian by some undetectable pull.

In the New Testament the story of a nice aroma is told in the book of John.  In this story, Mary took expensive perfume and anointed Jesus’ feet. This wonderful smell permeated the entire house. (John 12:3) Likewise, sometimes our love for Christ is overflowing in such a manner that the fragrance of joy is obvious to others, and draws them near to see what is going on.

In either of these manners – obvious or subtle, Christians must draw the secular population to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus. This is the fragrance which is pleasing to our God.

– – – written by Marion Smith

May 18th, 2010

How The Early Church Spread

How The Early Church Spread

The red ants around our yard and pool this summer have been out of control! Each time I apply ant poison to a mound- it dissipates, but a new one crops up nearby. Today I had a first hand view of the extensive spread of these insects.

We had one small ant hills by the swimming pool, and I spread the poison.  The next morning I woke up- ready to wash away the residue dirt and  discovered the ants had moved about six yards away and had increased to 6 hills.

———————   ————————   —————————

This entire picture reminded me of how the early church spread.  At first, there was just one body of believers- those who comprised the early church, and they loved and worked for the Lord with a passion. Today there are many denominations – still all loving the Lord and serving Him with a glad heart .The Christian church spread, just as the ant mound had done.

It is true that the queen must be at the heart of the ant colony to ensure the life of it.  Likewise, so must we keep the King – our Lord Jesus-  with us as we move geographically. This is the only way we are able to stay alive in our Christian walk. Satan is pouring sin on Christians to try and stifle or kill their faith-but we can move away from this, just as these ants had done today.

Just as the minute red ants pulled together to make their move, so the Body of Christ can pull together in tough times. There is strength in unity, as those ants proved to me today!  Christians need to stand arm in arm- linked to form an unbreakable chain- working together to make the necessary faith moves in life.  The most important factor, however, is keeping the King alive in each believers’ heart .  With His life alive in us- Christians can claim the victory over Satan, because Jesus has proclaimed it so.

– – – Written By Marion Smith

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