We Are The Fragrance Of Christ

white wild flowers

The fragrance of the knowledge of Christ is spread through the believer – (2 Cor. 14)

I looked out the window and noticed is a thorny plant in bloom. The flowers look like clover- round little purple heads on a tall and gangly stalk. The amazing thing is the amount of bees this plant has drawn. About thirty bees are literally swarming around  this bush. Now, there is no fragrance to this flower that I can detect, but, there is something  most definitely  appealing about this perennial  to these busy insects!

In the Bible God talks about fragrance a few times in both the Old and New Testament.  In 2 Cor. 14  He says, the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ is spread through the believer. In the next verse it says we (Christians) are the sweet fragrance of Christ to God .

So, therefore, we are the fragrance of Christ, to God, and we spread this fragrance of Christ to others. Just like the bees were drawn to the flowers which emitted no sweet smell to me, likewise non believers can be drawn to a Christian by some undetectable pull.

In the New Testament the story of a nice aroma is told in the book of John.  In this story, Mary took expensive perfume and anointed Jesus’ feet. This wonderful smell permeated the entire house. (John 12:3) Likewise, sometimes our love for Christ is overflowing in such a manner that the fragrance of joy is obvious to others, and draws them near to see what is going on.

In either of these manners – obvious or subtle, Christians must draw the secular population to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus. This is the fragrance which is pleasing to our God.

– – – written by Marion Smith

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