How God Touches Your Heart

God Touches Your Heart

I want to tell you about my friend. He’s had a tough and hard life. In school, we fished, played on the same football team together. We even shared the same bike. But the one thing we couldn’t share was when I became a Christian.

When students are studying , we debate long into the night about things like life, universe, God and everything. Thinking back, I think he quite enjoyed making challenging bold statements. And I thought a lot about the things that he said and though difficult they are to hear, I would like to share them with you now.


I should trust God with all things…

Proverbs 16:20

Whosoever trust in the Lord, happy is he

this is a lie

to be happy, trust no one but yourself

I will not tell my friends & family

what is important to me

it will be obvious

in my life

anything and everything

is more important than


I tell you this

I read in the Bible

Jesus is God’s only son

but I know this is a lie

God does not exist

people tell me

religion is a waste of time

I do not agree that

I should be spreading the Word of God

in these days and times

the destruction of the church is expected

I can no longer say that

people care and love each other

it is obvious that

all people are full of hate

I find it difficult to believe that

there is a God


and this is the way my friend felt, for many years, until Jesus reversed his way of thinking.

Want to know how my friend feels now? Read his thoughts (red text) backward now and you will know.

My friend is now known as Rev. Martin Preece . Praise The Lord.

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