God Never Wants Us To Slog

God Never Wants Us To Slog

Is it really true? We always think that God wants us to work hard. But I do disagree. It is not. God’s ways are always cool. He never wants us to slog.

We never see a bird slogging from morning till evening, getting anxious searching for its food. We never see a plant struggling hard to bear a fruit. We never see rain straining hard to downpour. We never see any animals getting worried about its future and planning so deeply to secure its life. We never see the celestial bodies striving hard to shed light. If we look at the nature we can see that except the human beings, all creation of God exist peacefully and silently to glorify the Lord of creations. They are never restless and in a hurry to achieve something. They do what they are created for. “The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib; Israel does not know, my people do not understand” (Isaiah 1:3).

The other day I was talking to my teenage niece. She was quite anxious and worried about her forthcoming exams and about her future in cracking entrance exams and all. I told her “you just don’t worry about the results; just finish what you have to study today…forget the rest”. But she was not happy with my suggestion. She started saying “aunty you can tell like that. You don’t know what all are the trials I face in school and in my classes. Even if I don’t aspire for clearing engineering entrance exam, my friends are not going to spare me. If I don’t get good marks they will treat me like dirt as if I don’t know anything. More than getting an admission it’s a question of acceptance in the class.”

I have plans for your welfare

I would like to share one incidence of a person whom I know. She is the elder child of a family of very devout and pious parents. Ever since childhood she wanted to become a doctor though her parents were not very keen about it because of two reasons. The first reason is that she was not a brilliant child and the second reason is that it was one of the toughest to get admission even for the very brilliant students. However they did not discourage her.

But her mother continuously prayed for her attending all night vigils. She never prayed that her child should get admission for a medical entrance, but prayed to safeguard her from all illness so that she can perform well in her exams. Though she had joined for a coaching class for medical entrance, they left the course half way due to some internal matters. So she was not even attending any coaching classes which are a sure sign for not getting admission for a medical college as per the prevailing notion. However she was doing her self study quietly without compromising her Sunday Mass.

Anyway quite contrary to her mother’s prayers she developed fever just a month before her board exams which led to some complications. With great difficulty she could finish her board exam. Her fever was troubling her intermittently. Then came the turn of entrance exams. In the middle of her exam all the family members contracted chicken pox. Her parents were anxious and wondered why God is testing so much. However they kept on praying Psalm 23 putting their complete trust in the One who keeps promises.

To every body’s amazement the girl scored 92 % board result which is the second highest in her class which she never got in any of her classes since LKG to 12th. Moreover she cleared the entrance exam of a prestigious medical college.

Beaming with the trust and confidence in the Word of God, her mother says, ‘God wanted my daughter to become a doctor. Though He tested my faith at the time of her exams making her sick, He literally walked with us through the valley tears. The verse of Jeremiah that “I have plans not for your destruction but for your welfare” literally fulfilled in our lives.’ He can produce water from rock, He can divide oceans to make way for you, He can multiply 5 loves to feed thousands, He can feed you from skies, if He wants. He will do it for us when we surrender completely, when we put our complete trust in Him.

It is not by slogging 24×7, even forgetting to eat, drink and worship the Lord of the Universe, that we will be able to crack the toughest entrance exams. But by abiding the commandments of God, He goes ahead of us to set path and give us victory. Let the goal of our life be to fulfill the Will of God. It is always far better than what we can ever imagine. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11).

He never told us to slog. If it was needed, He would not have told us the verse.”Work must be done for six days, but the seventh must be a holy day for you, a day of complete rest, in honour of Yahweh.” (Exodus 35:2). His ways are always cool. He wants us to rest and be with Him. He tells “Set your hearts on His kingdom first, and on God’s saving justice, and all these other things will be given you as well” (Mat 6:33). Jesus tells if you are connected to the wine you will produce many fruits. If not, even if you work unceasingly, you may not be able to crack any exam.

I told my niece “so my child get up and just do what you have to do today and surrender all your dreams and goals of life in the powerful hands of the Lord at whose command the whole Universe dances. Relax all Sundays; spend time with the Lord of the Universe. It revitalizes your spiritual, emotional and mental faculties. Work all other days cheerfully and enthusiastically. The success will be yours.” Yes, God’s ways are always cool for those who trust Him.

– – – written by Mary Joseph, Faridabad

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  1. I have plans for your welfare:

    A very touching truth of life, I just want that Lord God increases my faith more stronger and a lots of thanks to sister Mary Joseph, Faridabad.

    Sister keep praying for me and my family for more stronger faith in only one living true Almighty God and His only Son Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Dears,
    Sr.Mary Joseph’s article is wonderful, very true and good to read to understand more about GOD’S love towards HIS followers.
    May our GOD bless you abundantly to do more in HIS ways.
    with love & prayers
    Saji Joseph

  3. St. Padre Pio says:

    Live simply. Eat simply. Love one another simply. Do not complicate matters unnecessarily.

    How do you live simply? You remove activities that are not necessary or that pull you away from duty. Consider your duty. Then move through each day and try to serve only that duty. Have order in your life and in the life of your family.

    There should be a rhythm to each day that does not change. Rise at the same time. Retire at the same time in the evening. Pray at the same time. This creates an environment in which you are free to consider God.

    Do not think, my friends, that you live in a world where the need for simplicity has disappeared. Apostles of Jesus Christ must set an example of service and obedience but not hectic service. There should be calm and if there is not calm in your life, change your life and keep changing it until you find calm.

    The act of sitting and reading these words is forcing you to consider heaven’s wishes for you. Pull yourself away from the world even further and spend some time in silence when you are finished with reading. Ask Jesus to show you which activities should be removed.

    My friends, the lives of your children, if you are a parent, should also be simple. Children should not be stressed by too many activities. They should have responsibilities in their home and their parents should be present to see that the children meet their responsibilities. This will make children feel good and holy. If there is calm in the home, and not constant noise, a parent is able to consider each child and see that each child is proceeding in the acquisition of virtues. This is not happening if there is a constant stream of activity that prevents souls from consideration of these matters.

    Live simply.

  4. The plan to destroy the Catholic Church, from within its own ranks, is already underway
    On January 12, 2013 @ 3:10 pm

    My dearly beloved daughter, this is the time for the next phase in My Plan to prepare the world for the New Era, the New Paradise, the Kingdom, promised by Me, the Son of Man.

    My army must now gather and link as one in prayer, for the battle for souls has now intensified. The plans by the evil group, on a global scale, to legitimise wars, murder through euthanasia and abortion, is gathering momentum.

    The plan to destroy the Catholic Church from within its own ranks is already underway. Those souls in positions of power, and especially those within Christian Churches, who condone sin and try to legislate for it, know this. You will suffer terribly. The Hand of My Father will intervene and destroy your plan.

    For every man and woman who tries to bring in laws against the Will of God, they will face a terrible chastisement. Not only will they be struck down, their own nations will also be chastised.

    Enough has been endured by My Father. He will no longer tolerate such interference in His Creation. The earth will be shaken and not one man will fail to notice.

    What wickedness there is. And what cunning is in place, where terrible abominations are being introduced by humanity, which insult God. By these acts, man will have to face the Wrath of My Father. Prayer, and much of it, can halt this wickedness. And it is because of your prayers that the Divine Interventions, to punish mankind, have been delayed. Now those nations, whose rulers are driven by the spirit of evil, will be wiped out.

    My beloved followers, you will suffer greatly as you witness the acts of disobedience against the Laws of God. You must keep praying in order to mitigate the punishments by My Father.

    Now, you must set up as many prayer groups for My Crusade of Prayers as possible in every nation. By doing this you will allay the work of the evil group.

    My patience is never ending, but man will be punished, before My Second Coming, for his wicked deeds. This punishment has been delayed for some time, but My Father will permit ecological upheavals, in order to purify souls.

    Here is an important Litany to help mitigate the punishment by My Father.

    Litany Prayer (4) to mitigate punishment by God the Father

    O God the Most High.

    We beg You for Mercy for the sins of Your children.

    We thank You for the Gift of the earth.

    We thank You for the Gift of human life.

    We treasure the Gift of life.

    We uphold the Gift of life.

    We thank You for the Gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

    We thank You for the Gift of Redemption.

    We praise Your Divinity.

    We surrender, completely, before You, so that Your Holy Will can be completed, on earth, as it is in Heaven.

    We thank You for the Gift of the Illumination of Conscience.

    We thank You for the promise of eternal life.

    We welcome the New Paradise.

    We beg You to save all souls, including those who torment You and those who are lost to You.

    We thank You for the Love you show all Your children.

    We thank You for the Gift of prophecy.

    We thank You for the Gift of prayer.

    We ask You to grant us peace and salvation.


    My daughter, this Mission will become even more difficult, as the hatred of man against man intensifies and divides.

    God’s loyal disciples will be tempted to give in to the sins, which will be disguised as the laws of tolerance. You must resist every attempt to turn your back on the Truth of My Teachings. When you leave all your trials in My Holy Hands, you will find this Mission to save souls, much easier.

    Your Jesus


  5. How true it is..
    God always want us to Love him with all our heart and do his will.. thats it.. and he has promised us that the blessings will definitely flow for us…

    The Human nature dosent allow us to do that…we are always anxious about our future..
    More Prayers will definitely help us in maintaining the calm.

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