Story : Are you spiritually “knocked out”


As my husband and I were working inside, we heard something hit the window. Looking out and seeing nothing, we stepped outside and there on the front porch was the still body of a woodpecker — a beautiful yellow-bellied sapsucker.

He had flown into the window, and, we presumed, broken his neck. My husband picked him up for a moment and stroked the red cap on his head and laid him back down.

Just then, I saw an eye blink. I was holding a utility cloth in my hand, and I picked him up and covered him, all but his head. His heart was racing wildly, and I felt just a twitch of his foot. I realized that this now helpless creature, if only knocked out, could revive at any moment and give me quite a pecking.

Instinctive caution urged me to leave the bird there and hope he would come around, and that was my plan, that is, until I saw the neighbor’s big black cat approaching in his most stealthy stalking mode.

I took the bird inside and found a box with a lid — if he revived and got loose in the house he probably would kill himself trying to get out.

I placed the bird-in-the- box in a quiet place and went about my work. About half an hour later, I walked close enough to the box to detect any activity, but there was none. Then my husband came in and spoke to me. Suddenly, there was scratching and a flurry inside the box that made me fear the lid would not remain closed.

We took the box outside, and carefully began to open the lid. As it opened an inch or so, the bird burst out and flew vigorously away to resume his place in God’s grand scheme of things.


As I saw that cat approaching earlier, I remembered 1 Peter 5:8 – – “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour”

That little bird, in his natural healthy state, would never fall prey to the cat, but he was knocked out.

My thoughts went back 34 years to a time in my life when I was spiritually “knocked out,” I was dead in my sin and as helpless to ward off the attacks of the enemy of my soul as that little bird lying on my porch.

Then a wonderful, loving Savior reached down and picked me up. He sheltered me and let me know I was loved and protected — I only needed to trust Him. He didn’t put me in a box, but he gave me strength and the desire to “vigorously fly away” spiritually to take my place in His wonderful design for my life in His kingdom.

– – – contributed by Marie B. Corn

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