Being Fed

bulldozer feeding birds

The bulldozer was plowing through a strip of land between the north and south highway U.S.1 in Delray Beach. Toppled Australian pines were piled in a heap, waiting to be hauled away. The black soil was churning as the blade of the dozer forged ahead at a slow speed.

There were about 50 white birds on the scene, hunting and pecking in a furious manner. They were so intent on the job at hand, I was afraid the blade would wipe some of them out ! Their long legs took them here and fro, as the bent their long necks to the ground. Their pointed bills moved rapidly along the ground gathering whatever nourishment was available for them in the soil.

My husband said the bulldozer was unearthing a multitude of hidden bugs and grubs, a veritable feast for these birds. That blade churning the earth was making a hidden banquet available for this flock of fortunate feathered ones.


There are times when I need God’s Word and His plan to be dug up and placed before me. This need is filled when I attend church, because I always walk away feeling full and satisfied.

The minister, prayer leader, choir, and hymns are like the bulldozer.

They turn up and bring to the surface all of God’s good nibbles for me to partake in. They unearth many truths of the scripture using song, sermon and prayer, and I partake of all that has been made available to me during the service.

Just like the birds kept their beak to the ground, I keep my heart open and close to the source of nourishment.

There are many ways to receive the Word of God, but this is the one way God brought to my mind as I saw that bulldozer at work amid the flock of hungry birds.

– – – written by Marion Smith

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