Story : The Atheist meets Jesus

The Atheist meets Jesus

There was an atheist who went through life like most people. He had his good times and his bad. He died at an old age of 88. He woke up and saw a man standing in front of him. He said, “Who are you?” The man said, “Well, Joe, it doesn’t matter now, you didn’t know me while you were on the earth and it’s too late for you to know me now.” Joe said, “Just tell me your name, maybe I did know you and I just don’t remember.”

The man said, “Well, Joe, my name is Jesus and I’m the one who died for you.”

Joe said, “What? You aren’t real — there is no God. How can this be?”

Jesus said, “Joe, do you remember the day you met your wife?” Joe said, “Well of course I do. It was the day she ran into the back of my car on the freeway and I got out to yell at her. Of course I didn’t, instead I fell in love with her.” Jesus said, “Joe, I made sure your wife ran into your car that day.” Joe couldn’t say a word.

Jesus said, “Joe, do you remember the time you were at work and on top of that tall building? You fell that day and if you had fallen to the ground you would have died.” Joe said, “Yeah, but I didn’t fall.” Jesus said, “No you didn’t because I sent one of my angels to catch you.” Joe couldn’t say a word.

Jesus said, “Joe, do you remember the day your baby girl was born? Joe said, “Well of course I do, that was one of the best days of my life!” Jesus said, “I held that baby girl close to me before I sent her to you hoping you would see that beautiful creation and believe in me. I sent Christians to witness to you but you would not listen. I did everything I could possibly do to make you believe in me but you would not.”

Joe said, “Jesus, please let me go back just one time so I can tell everyone the truth!”

Jesus said, “Joe, I am sorry but it is too late. Depart from me, I never knew you.”



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  1. god forgives all dossent the bible say sou?.
    If god is loving and forgiving then why does he punish more than 80% of the population of earth to damnation in hell,i became an aatheist when i wuz reading the bible and ive seen som big flaws in gods logick ,in my understanding God is a 6 year old girll who gets pissed of when her brain dead logick is dissobayed,
    P.S sori for my bad english skills

  2. god is not real. the sooner you realize that, the better your life will be. and please, dont tell me what happens in the afterlife because there is no afterlife

  3. Hi. Ive read this a couple times and although it appeals to ones emotions I’ve noticed something that simply doesn’t make sense. How does seeing beauty lead to a god? And even if it did how could it lead him to Jesus? Why not alla or some other deity(s)? Are you aware that according to the bible all these wonderfully caring people who were maybe born into the “wrong” religion or simply used logic are going to hell. And, adolf hitler, a catholic is going to heaven because he believed. Does this seem loving or fair to you?!

  4. the basic problem with man is that we try to put two and two together and crack our brains if it doesnt give us four. we try to undestand God and the bible logically when we cant even answer lifes simplest questions. but i dont want to bore you but just tell u one simpler truth. The day i was truthfully and honestly ask God to reveal himself to me if he was real or not, the day, when i left my doubts and unbelief, that day a light shined in through my life. (whether you believe God exists or not he does, and is watching you as u read this post.)

  5. most retarded thing i’ve ever heard.
    poor people.. not enough mental stability to accept that after death, there is nothing but this: death. believe what you want, but in the end, we’ll all end up the same.

  6. God does forgive, but unfortunately for some, it is too late. God gives us our WHOLE lifetime to find him. And to the person talking about Hitler…only GOD knows where he is right now. And to the person talking about Islam, all other religions are just a distraction.

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