Story : An Atheist and a Christian


An Atheist and a Christian were hiking up a mountain; they came upon a large rock and decided to rest. While there, they talked about their jobs, families, and how good it was to enjoy nature.

Their conversation then drifted toward the supernatural. “I do not believe in God because there is no proof of his existence,” said the Atheist.

The Christian did not immediately respond, but instead gazed upon the tall pines and blue sky above him. “No,” said the Christian, “we cannot actually see, hear, or touch God, but we can know that God exists since we can see the results of His work.”

The Christian continued, “Think of all the magnificent things we saw today… grand mountains, hundred of varieties of trees, flowers, insects, birds… and even you and I! There is beauty in all these things; they are good.”

The Atheist replied, “Yes, nature is definitely awesome, but I believe this all came about by chance.”

Again, the Christian peered at the billowy clouds above him, then asked, “We cannot see air, can we? We know that it exists because we see the effects of air. We see the trees sway and leaves rustle, but we do not actually see air nor wind. The effects of God are all around. We just have to take the time to look.”

Without another word, the Atheist and Christian continued their long journey up the mountain.

5 thoughts on “Story : An Atheist and a Christian”

  1. I just can’t relate to people who think everything around us happened by chance. I can understand those who are lost, but are looking for faith and have questions. At least they realize that our natural world is far too complicated to be the result of a fluke.


  2. I cant see how people think that this intelligent design was just created by chance. I think the odds are like 700000000000000000.

  3. Again you cannot grasp the difference between invisible and undetectable. Our measly eyes can’t see that much of a spectrum. But we can detect the wind even buy observing the movement of the trees. Nowhere on the spectrum has this “God” of yours been observed.

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