Story : A little secret between friends

Man and His Horse


There once was a milkman in the early 1900’s named Jack. He and his horse, Pierre, did their job every day with joy in their hearts. Jack wasn’t so bright and he couldn’t read so when people needed extra milk, they would call to Jack as he left. They would yell, “I’ll need some extra milk tomorrow!” which Jack would always reply,”To give your friends some pleasure!”

Jack and Pierre were great friends and did their job for years and years. After a while, Jack didn’t have to do much anymore because Pierre knew where and when to stop. The friends continued their job until one sad morning.

Jack came into work one day to find his boss waiting for him.
“Jack,” said his boss,”I have some sad news. This morning, Pierre died in his stall.”
Tears started to run down Jack’s face.
“It’s OK Jack,” said his boss. “He was an old horse.”
“I will never see my friend again,” said Jack tearfully.
“Yes you will. He’s laying in his stall very peacefully right now. You can see him now if you’d like.”
“You do not understand. I will never see Pierre again.”
“I understand your sadness. You may have the day off if you’d like.”
“No, I have a job to do,” and with that Jack walked off. He was given a new horse and carriage and he went off to do his job.

That day, Jack was in an accident. His carriage was hit by an automobile. When his boss heard this, he rushed down to where the accident was. When he got there he asked, “Is Jack OK?”
“No, he died in the crash,” said the doctor.
“I don’t understand,” said the driver of the automobile. “It was like he didn’t even see me!”
“That’s because he didn’t. This man has been blind for 5 years,” said the doctor.
“I never knew!” said Jack’s boss.
“He didn’t tell you?” said the doctor.
Just then, Jack’s boss remembered what Jack said about Pierre. “No, but someone else knew. “
“Who?” asked the doctor.
“A friend of Jack’s. His name was Pierre. I think that it was just a little secret between friends.”

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