St. Ignatius Of Loyola And The Mule Of Providence

St. Ignatius Of Loyola

Ignatius of Loyola was riding on a mule. He was heading towards a port city in Spain in the hope of going to Jerusalem. On the way he met a Moor (A Moor is a Muslim from northern Africa). The Moor presented his arguments against the virginity of Mary after the birth of Christ. Ignatius, who was still a knight, did not have enough knowledge to argue back. The Moor hurried and went ahead of Ignatius.

Ignatius was indignant and angry at the audacity of the Moor in insulting our Lady, and he decided to give the Moor a taste of his sword. However, Ignatius couldn’t make up his mind. So he prayed “Let the mule take the road of destiny”. If the mule followed the King’s highway, then it will take Ignatius to the Moor. If on the other hand, the mule took the narrow road, then Ignatius will go to the port city.

Surprisingly, the mule took the narrow road, and Ignatius went to Jerusalem. If, Ignatius took the King’s highway to pursue the Moor, the Catholic Church would have probably lost a great saint and no Jesuit universities would have ever existed.

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We will come to the crossroads many times in our life. We do not know the right decision to make. We should pray and allow the mule of providence to take us to our destiny.

The path will be narrow and the road will be tough to travel, but God will guide us to our destiny. When not sure, visit the Lord, stay in his presence and pray fervently to lead you to your destiny. God will hear your genuine prayer. He keeps his word. He is trustworthy. He is dependable. He is real.

If you are destined to be a saint, the distractions of the Moor will not stop you.

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  1. Lord jesus lead me in your kindly light.Lead me to my destiny. I am confused but you know everything. Help me lord in all my undertakings.

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