Blessed Unity

Blessed Trinity

Precious oneness, blessed unity;
wrapped in Love
of  the Holy Trinity.

In one accord, steady gazing;
upon His beauty
a fire blazing!

His passion known in worship sweet;
hearts abound
at His feet!

Blessed unity, Love’s mystery known;
in communion of hearts
around the throne!

Soaring the heights,,of Love extended;
perfect in One
differences transcended.

A Body of One,
caught in love between Three,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
for all the world to see.

In Holy Trinity
Blessed Unity

By Connie Ciccone © November 2006

1 thought on “Blessed Unity”

  1. hi,
    nice poem. but i tell you, GOD the FATHER is not an old man. He is as young and as beautiful as our LORD JESUS. this is revealed by GOD the FATHER himself through the messages given to Ms. Vassula Rydon, the famous mystic. so pl. start picturing him like that.

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