Our Destiny is a Journey

Our Destiny is a Journey

Our destiny is a journey
and not a destination.
For all who walk with Jesus
grow with anticipation!

What will we do
as this day of ours begins?
Will we step into the Faith
and reach to those to win?

Will we reach out to those
who’s hearts need a hand?
and show them of God’s Love
of His precious Promised land?

Will we dry a fallen tear
from that lonely one’s little face?
And take their hand upon us
and help them run the race?

We seem to always look
to the road that has an end
It’s time to realize
it’s our journey that we send!

Will we pray for more of Him,
And so much less of us?
On bended knee in prayer
Will we give Him all our Trust?

Your Destiny’s a Journey
and not a Destination,
So take another step
Today In Restoration.

Take your eye off the road
that someday has an end!
Keep focused on your Journey
For that Is what You’ll Send!

In Jesus Name I Pray
By Connie Ciccone © January 2007

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