ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 1

Prolife 01 Prolife 02 Prolife 03 Prolife 04

Prolife 05 Prolife 06 Prolife 07 Prolife 08

Prolife 09 Prolife 10 Prolife 11 Prolife 12

Prolife 13 Prolife 14 Prolife 15 Prolife 16

Prolife 17 Prolife 18 Prolife 19 Prolife 20

Pro-Life means For-Life. It stands for life. It is one of the Jesus Youth ministries. Prolife mainly stands against Abortion, which is now, the most dangerous threat to life on earth. Prolife activists conduct frequent exhibitions worldwide to propagate the evils of abortion.

Given above is the first set containing 20 posters among the 64 ones, which are used in the ProLife exhibitions. All of them have been reduced from the poster size to the wallpaper size, to fit our desktops.

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 2

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 3

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 4

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  1. I am so glad to have found this site.I was searching for pro life banners to see if there was anything i could use on our Warriors of Joan Pro Life network.

    We maintain a Catholic forum and a Pro life network both.

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