TBTG Is Looking For Prayer Angels

We need Prayer Angels

TBTG website is looking for more Prayer Angels, as we are getting more prayer requests each day.

Are you interested in joining our Prayer Angels group and start praying for others? We are getting a lot of Prayer Requests these days and we decided to increase our intercession team. If you are interested, please leave a comment under this article and make sure you fill in all your details in the comment form like name and email ID.

We will be contacting all those who show interest to become the Prayer Angels of TBTG website. Each one of you who comment under this post showing interest to join us, will be added to a mail group which will receive the prayer requests from all around the world that accumulate in TBTG each day.

But don’t be afraid; We are not going to spam or fill up your inbox with prayer request mails. You will only receive one or two emails per day, nothing more than that.

Why should we pray for others?

1. They need our prayer.

2. We need the exercise of praying for others.

3. God needs this intercessory prayer for its influence on His creatures.

4. Prayer for each other draws us into a deeper consideration of each other’s wants.

5. Prayer for others draws us into sympathy with God’s love.

To pray for others, and to be heard and answered of God in our prayer, serves greatly to increase our love to God in the form of affection, and our love to man in the form of benevolence. No one ever prayed for another, with real prayer, without feeling an increase of love towards that person, no matter whether it be for a stranger or an acquaintance.

So if a community or a church pray for some individual, the more they pray, the better they will love. Prayer creates a bond of union between our souls and the souls of those whom we love. Let one pray for others till he prevails; it results in a wonderful sympathy, like that between parent and child.

Are you interested to join our Prayer Angels group? If yes, comment below.

184 thoughts on “TBTG Is Looking For Prayer Angels”

  1. I’m much interested to pray to our God for people who are in need and request a prayer.

  2. Dear All

    I would like to become a prayer partner. Please include me in your list.
    Thank You
    Ramola UK

  3. Praise the lord,God tempted me to pray for others…Im continuously praying for my friends and others.Im interested to be part of your prayer angel team…. so please forward your mail requests….
    Thank u..

  4. I want to be a prayer Angel , am a servent of the Lord! and so I will serve all my Life and reach out to people in real need.Through Christ our Lord Amen!

  5. May the blessings of The Lord be yours all Amen
    I want to be a part ,in the praying group.
    God bless you .

  6. Yes, what a brilliant idea…People need loving and thoughtful prayer, ESPECIALLY now. Armor on ~ count me in. (-;

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