Prayer Poem For Earthquake Victims

Prayer Poem For Earthquake Victims

We mourn the death and destruction, O Lord
And we pray for those who died in this disaster.
May their souls rest in peace.
May their families be comforted.

We pray for the living survivors.
Be with them, Lord, in this traumatic time.
May they experience Your healing,
In their spirits as well as their bodies.

We pray for the communities affected.
May they come together in solidarity
To rebuild and to affirm new life
Amid the ancient stones.

– – – written by Jane Deren

2 thoughts on “Prayer Poem For Earthquake Victims”

  1. Dear brother,

    From last 2-3 years u r continuously sending emails to me. I can understand your love for my Jesus Christ. but many times I feel that u didn’t understand properly what God told us through Holy Bible.

    For example what is the use of praying for dead people. Your prayer or my prayer never makes any difference in their judgement day. what bible says they will be judged according their deeds (on the basis of Holy Bible New testment) when they were alive in this world. After their death no use of praying for them.

    Brother i can understand ur deep love towards Jesus Christ. but follow exactly what Jesus told us. please read Mathew 7-21. there He says how we should love him or what type of love He expect from us.

    I remember in one of your mail u told to pray to the saints who lived and died here. Brother Never do this . There is only one mediator between our God and his people. He is our living Jesus Christ. when He is living and present always in the midst of us why we go in search of other mediators for prayer. ….

    Please pray to holy spirit. I am sure He will reveal u all the truth and this truth will set u free. God bless U.

    Pradeep Kurup

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