There Is A Second Chance

A Second Chance U-Turn

When it seems you have lost the battle of life, when you feel deserted even among your loved ones, when all your strength and determination seems to fly away in the Horizon, in just one dolt; when you repent over the loss of your most precious gifts in life, through no fault of yours, remember one thing; Nothing is constant and permanent in this world. Neither time nor life, neither solution nor problems, neither precaution nor cure, neither success nor failure.

The thing you feel you have lost, was never yours, be it materialistic or a treasured relation, job or a person. You acquired it in the process of fighting the battle of time. Remember, you lose only when you possess it in the first place. It is you who achieved success in all the fronts of life. If you can do it once, you can do it again.

Do not lose hope. Have faith and believe in God.

Every human is born with a purpose in life. Think positive. One day these positive vibrations will attract and attach new strings in your life. These strings will create and bring the harmony and music in your faded life. Your life will become a musical note once again.

2 thoughts on “There Is A Second Chance”

  1. Thank you Georgy
    I never saw it that way in the first place but it is good to know it now.
    I love this sentence. We lose when we possess things. I guess I was a culprit of this but now that I know, I would thank God for such a revelation.

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