Prayer During Examination Time

Prayer during Examination Time


O God, give me your help
In this examination time.

Keep me from being nervous
And keep me calm,
So that I will be able
To do my best.

If I am not prepared,
I have no excuse.
If I am prepared,
And if I have done my best,
Give me the calm and
The freedom from nerves
I need to do well

This I ask for your love’s sake, Amen.


O God, help me at my examination today
To remember the things which I have
Learned and studied.

Help me to remember well
And to think clearly.

Help me not to be so nervous
And excited that I will not do
Myself justice,and keep me
Calm and clear-headed.

Help me to try my hardest
And to do my best.

This I ask for your love’s sake, Amen.


Hope all loved this examination prayer.

6 thoughts on “Prayer During Examination Time”

  1. good morning my brother,s i,am a cameroonian, working with the local goverment training centre Buea.i,am writing an entrance competive
    exam in the local govermemt training centre
    taken in place on the 27 and 28 of August 2012
    i,m going inn for finance and treasurer management, only 20canidite are exspected to be
    recrutited for a period of two years .the subjects which are to be written are as follows
    general knowledge essay this paper is aimed at testig candidates of coutempory issues, world affairs,globalisation of the word,economy,democracy and develpment,major african conflicts,economic blocks, immigration,religious issues and confrontation of social values, maths,french fo english speekingand the professional paper of my specialition finance cycle reading capacity is low i trust is the lord who give to me a helping hands, pls help me for prayers to know the ares to read may GOD bless you.while waiting for my reply.thank,s to the lord.

  2. my name iz imani,,,i beg u the people of God to pray 4me 2mr am going to seat for my exam,,its university examination…i do knw where to start coz there iz a lot of notes..plzzzz i beg u 2pray 4me so that god will help me to point where the question is..

  3. I am a student of at Babalola university 10th level this is going to be my first exams in the university and am so scared. I need your help and prayers or should i say advice regarding how to read for my exams which is starting on 25 this month and finish on 12 February. Thank you so much God bless you.

  4. O Lord, please help me to continue my job I need your help only you can change their mind .
    My situation is very bad as you know, all family depend on me and I have huge amount of loan to finish. Our children are small not completed even education. Please guide me ahead.
    The mistakes happened from please forget and bless me.

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