Prayer of a Son or Daughter

Prayer of a Son or Daughter

Thank you, O God,for the home and
The parents you have given me.

I thank you for :-

All the loving care which Ireceived
When I was a child and
When I could not care for myself;

All that was provided for me
Food, Clothes and shelter
In the years before I could
Earn my own living
And support myself;

All the opportunities of education
And of learning which my parents
Gave to me;

All the security I have enjoyed,
The door of home always open,
The sympathy and the love when I was
Hurt or discouraged or depressed.

Thank you for all the loving care
With which I have been surrounded
Ever since I was born.

Forgive me, if I have done anything
To hurt or to grieve my parents,
And if, as I have grown older,
I have drifted away from them
Until we are almost strangers.

Hear this my prayer for your love’s sake, Amen.

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