Poem : Real Friends

Real Friends

Sometimes I feel, why God makes us suffer immensely
Why are we made to go through so many turbulences, constantly.

I ask my soul, which is a small part of the Ultimate creator
The answer that I get, amazes me and makes thoughts feel straighter.

It’s to make us realize the worth of our real friends
The ones who stand by us, no matter what are life trends.

That is when we understand, that the glittering pieces all around, are not always gold.
That is what makes us feel, which hand on our shoulder is warm and which one is cold.

Take the trying times, as a blessing in disguise to evolve even more
It helps to uncover the two-faced people, who wear a mask, for sure.

Feeling blessed to have gems as my friends, as gems are precious and rare
My heart goes out to them, as they were my strength, when life was a punishment mere.

My prayers are for them, always.
And the people who brought positive balance in abundance.

Saying this, my eyes are full of tears of thankfulness
As my being is indebted to their love and kindness.

– – – written by Neha Sharma

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