Poem : I Believe In Miracles

I believe in miracles

I believe in Miracles and dreams that will come true,
And I believe in happiness And friendship, through and through
I believe that when you cry your tears are not in vain,
And when you’re sad and lonely someone knows that you’re in pain.

I believe that when we laugh a sparkle starts to shine,
And before you know these sparks will spread
From more hearts than just mine.
I believe the gifts you have are there for you to share
And when you give them from the heart, the whole world knows you care.

I believe that if you give, even just to one,
That gift will grow in magnitude before the day is done.
I believe that comfort comes from giving part of me,
And if I share with others, there’s more for all so see.
I believe that love is still the greatest gift of all,
And when it’s given from the heart, Love will conquer all.

2 thoughts on “Poem : I Believe In Miracles”

  1. Wow. That made me cry. Thank God I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sometimes it really seems I am. Thank you!

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