Poem : Paying Your Debts

Paying Your Debts

As you sit in your house
You hear a sound.
You search for the source,
At the front door it’s found.

You open the door and
There stands a man
That you’ve never met,
With a checkbook in hand.

He says, “Go gather your bills
And add them today.
I have this checkbook,
And I’d like to pay.”

You pause for a moment,
This cannot be real!
But you would be foolish
To not take this deal.

Now here’s the surprise
This story is true!
The door’s not in your house,
It’s inside of you.

The ‘debt’ is your sin
That you carry around.
But Jesus will pay it,
Now, how does that sound?

Yes, a check He will write
With salvation’s pen.
There’s a knock at your door,
Won’t you let Him in?

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  1. I heard the poem “Paying Your Debt ” being read by Pastor Donnie McClurkin on his show a couple of times. It really touched my spirit. The first time I heard it I googled it and got interesting quotes, but I heard it again and got the correct title. I was able to get the correct poem, THANK YOU!! Great thought provoker!!!

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