Poem : Let’s Help Them Find Their Smile

Let's Help Them Find Their Smile

Today Lord, as we walk along,
Please guide the words I say.
Oh, lead me to that special one,
That I may help today.

I know there must be lonely souls,
That need a special friend.
Someone who asked in fervent prayer,
For someone you may send.

Give me the perfect words to say,
To tell them of your love.
A greater love they have never known,
You Love From Up above.

Concern for them is in my heart,
I lift them up to you.
Oh, let them feel your precious love,
So they may know you too!

Please help me find the words to say,
To make them feel worthwhile,
Then I  know that you and I,
Have Helped Them Find Their Smile

Let’s Help Them Find Their Smile

By Connie Ciccone © November 2003

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