Poem : Angel Friends

Angel Friends

Some people doubt that each of us
Have angels to protect us,
Assigned by God when we were born,
To love us and direct us.

And though we cannot see them,
They’re always at our side,
Companions while we’re living,
And after we have died.

God knew we needed someone
To watch us night and day,
To guide us down the narrow path
and keep all harm away.

Someone of endless wisdom,
Whom He could always trust,
To guard us every minute,
And take good care of us.

So carefully He chose each one,
For every living soul,
Some with wings of silver,
And some with wings of gold,

But all filled with a burning love,
That never has an end,
And each of us is blessed to have,
A Special Angel Friend.

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  1. The poem about Angel Friends has a meaningful and inspiring message. The poem is short but it is full of happiness.

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