Ocean of Compassion

Ocean of Compassion

If we embark upon a contemplative journey through the different miracles Jesus had performed, we can easily decipher the inner inspiration carved on the surface of their soul. And that is nothing but the Lord’s own compassion for His sheep-fold. None of His miracles was designed for either name, fame or public applause. Instead, each of them was a relentless outpouring of His compassion. His Sacred Heart was like a limitless sky of genuine empathy! And in Him lay spilling over the endless ocean of the same compassion!

It was His hands of compassion that He stretched out as He made the paralytic walk straight, brought the blind to the unseen horizons of sight and fed the hungry with the loaves of love baked in the oven of ineffable providence. It was the same hands of Him that were extended toward the most loathsome lepers as He hugged them close to His breast and opened the eyes of the dead as He restored them to life. Each of His utterances was sweet-coated with compassion and His merciful looks caused Him to weep as He saw the miseries of His people. He wiped off their tears with His kerchief of compassion and rained down relentlessly in their hearts as a shower of lasting consolation!

This same Jesus is the deepest ocean of compassion that incessantly embraces, with its comforting waves, the restless shores of our inner inflictions and carry away into the depths all anxieties, worries and fears that remain there and provides us with instant healing and eternal serenity. Let us daily accompany and imitate Him and there by be filled with this heavenly virtue of compassion.

Let us gather from the fullness of that same ocean a tiny yet divine drop of compassion and preserve it inside the sacred container of our heart. And this little treasure within us will certainly and always guide our steps and help us to be more considerate and kind towards our fellow beings. Blessed are those who are compassionate to others; God will be compassionate to them (Mt. 5:7).

– – – written by Fr. Thomas Pattathilchira, CMF

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  1. Nice post, really Jesus was compassionate, let His compassion fill all those who read this article and I love to see 5000 plus online users in this blog in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I pray.

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